AFC 13: Ariel “The Panther” Gandulla Fight Results

I’m very proud of my fighter¬†Ariel Gandulla¬†who fought 13 x UFC Veteran Kendall Grove on the main event card for the AFC MMA event held in Victoria B.C.
Our gameplan was working in the first round. Ariel did a great job nullifying Grove’s reach advantage utilizing excellent footwork,darting in with an over hand right or lead left hook and tactically using evasive headmovement to avoid Kendall’s counter 1-2’s and 2-3’s. Although “Da Spyder” was the busier fighter it was the “Panther” landing the more harder,cleaner blows. Ariel wins a close first round. Kendall came out busier in the 2nd throwing more front kicks and low kicks while Ariel was sticking to the same game of setting up the over hand right through footwork and hand combinations.
The 2nd round looked even until Ariel felt an excruciating pain in an attempted uppercut while Grove had Gandulla in a tight Muay Thai clinch up against the fence. Ariel tried a classic hip toss but didn’t have much behind it do to the immense pain in his right bicep.Kendall sensing the difference in Ariel started to pour it on throwing knee’s in the clinch. He got on top position landing punches and elbows. Ariel did a good job defending most of the strikes (considering at this point he was a “one armed fighter”) but it looked to dominant to the refferee’s liking with him halting the action at 4:59 of the second round.
We will be getting an ultra sound done to find out the extent on the damage to Mr Gandulla’s right bicep. The ringside physician called it a classic “Popeye tear” of the right bicep. I felt Ariel showed true heart and determination against the world class UFC veteran. Mr Gandulla is looking to heal quickly (wether he needs surgery or not) getting back into the cage in the new year.
Great job Ariel! Let’s do it again.

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