Children Martial Arts Program

FKP MMA Vancouver’s Children Martial Arts Program

You will want your child to be a part of our Children Martial Arts Program. They will learn the best of Kickboxing, Muay Thai, MMA, Jujitsu, grappling taught in a style known as Pankration. Ages 4 & Up!

  FKP MMA Children Martial Arts

FKP MMA Children Martial Arts  

Witness your child’s confidence soar while learning realistic self defence skills taught in a fun, safe and positive environment. At FKP MMA’s Children Martial Arts Program, your child will learn about all the different styles while developing their core strength and coordination. FILES publication has awarded FKP MMA with “Best Vancouver children and teens martial arts program” for the last decade (2006 to 2016). Our innovative curriculum and philosophy on character development through the science of martial arts will help instil healthy values that can last a life time.

Intended for children ages 4 and above. Children of different ability and skill levels will work together, each being challenged to their own comfort level. Your child will learn fundamental concepts of self protection as well as improve their strength, stamina and agility. At FKP MMA, we organize our classes based on age and experience-level as we want to make sure we maximize your child’s potential. By doing this, this allows our coaches to also teach the skills that are not only just the most important to them, but also what your child needs the most. This will push your kids to learn faster, safer, and best of all – have fun.

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Our award winning program will train your child from the ground up, in a totally safe and positive environment. Give us a call to schedule a FREE trial class and become a part of the FKP MMA Family! We want to help your child build better flexibility, athleticism, strength, flexibility, as well as body coordination. 

Contact us now to book your child’s first FREE trial lesson today.

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