FKP MMA takes home 12 medals at Tiger Balms 2013

Team FKP MMA had 14 competitors that ended up bringing home 12 medals. 7 Gold – 4 Silver – 2 Bronze.
A great showing in all three categories. Grappling, Kickboxing and MMA.

Here is the list of competitors who placed in the Tiger Balm Internationals just over this weekend.
– Joseph Suarez – Gold Medal Adv Kickboxing
– Geoff Bodnarek – Silver Medal Adv Grappling
– Orel Ben Neriah – Gold Medal Nov/Inter Grappling
– Marcus Pham – Gold Medal Adv MMA/Pankration
– Justin Payne – Gold Medal Adv MMA/Pankration
– Andrew Strong – Gold Medal Adv MMA/Pankration
– Satoshi Taniguchi – Gold Medal Adv MMA/Pankration
– Maria Demers – Gold Medal Adv Kickboxing
– Erika Demers – Bronze Medal Adv MMA/Pankration
– Ahman Abdullah – Silver Medal Adv MMA/Pankration
– Manninder Pahal – Bronze Medal Nov/Inter Kickboxing
– Kenny Le – Silver Medal Nov/Inter Kickboxing
– David Chen – Silver Medal Adv MMA/Pankration

Honourable mention goes to Josh Chow and Shivas Singh on their performances.

Thanks goes to Jason Ram for assisting me in the coaching and Jaskaran Bains being the assistant coach as well.

Another strong performance everybody!

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