Chris “Mjolnir” Franco – Pro MMA Fighter 

– 36 years of martial arts experience 

– Full contact fight record of 20 – 6

– Guam Superbrawl MMA Heavyweight Champion

– Gold Medalist (very first ADCC Qualifier 1998) Superheavyweight Champion) Outplacing Metamoris and UFC champion Josh “Warmaster” Barnett 

– Oregon State Jujitsu Superheavyweight Champion 1998

– Sabaki Challenge Heavyweight Finalist (Silver Medalist in the World Bareknuckle Full – Contact Karate Championships) 

– B.C Heavyweight Kickboxing Champion

– Fought 3 x UFC Champion and Hall of Famer Dan “The Beast” Severn for the World Superbrawl Title in 1998

– Rings, KOTC and Superbrawl Veteran

– Retired from competition in 2004